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Semolina Recipes


Semolina/ Sooji/ Rawa is a versatile ingredient and easy to cook with. It is not only used as a battering ingredient in many Indian dishes, it is also used as the main ingredient in numerous foods, both sweet and savory, like Upma and Rawa Laddoo. For batters a fine version of Sooji is used whereas when it is the main ingredient, it is used in coarser form. Here is a collection of recipes for delicious dishes you can make with it...


No matter where you go in India, Upma is a hot favorite breakfast food! Originally from South India, this tasty dish can be eaten for breakfast, brunch or as a snack and is so wholesome you can even make a meal of it!

Prawns Rawa Fry

Serve these delicious, golden, crispy fried prawns with Mint-Coriander Chutney.


Mathris or Mathis are the perfect anywhere, anytime snack. These crisp crackers taste really nice dipped in any Indian pickle...


This almost staple dish from the cuisine of Rajasthan in western India, is simple and nutritious. It is even served on special occasions!

Paani Puri

This snack is not just delicious, it is also fun to make and eat. Call friends over and make a whole heap!

Sooji Ka Halwa

Easy to make and so delicious, Sooji Ka Halwa is a personal family favorite! This is my Father's recipe... nobody makes Sooji Halwa like my Dad!

Rava Laddoo

Though quick and easy to cook, this Indian dessert is very tasty and also hugely popular. It's perfect to make when time is short but you still want a special dessert.


A favorite Christmas-time cookie, Nankaties have slightly different recipes depending on where in India they are made.
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