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Kid-friendly Indian Recipes


Cooking for kids is tricky at best! They reject foods for all sorts of reasons: spice, texture, ingredients.... Here is a list of recipes for foods that I have found my kids, just like a lot of others I have come across, love. Some are favorites because they are mild or neutral tasting, others for their well-loved flavors and still others because they are just too tasty to resist.

1. Indian Style Sandwiches

With fillings ranging from chutneys to pickles and healthy veggies to paneer (cottage cheese), they leave you satisfied both in the taste and nutrition departments. Perfect for school lunch boxes!

2. Aaloo Ka Paratha

Extremely popular with North Indians, these are best eaten with chilled yoghurt and your favourite pickle or chutney. Want to be naughty? Aaloo parathas taste delicious with fresh, thick cream or a knob of unsalted, home-made butter!

3. Idli

Another mild food that tastes good on it's own, eaten with traditional accompaniments like Sambar and South Indian Coconut Chutney or with honey drizzled all over it! Go on, have some fun - make up your own combination.

4. Sanna

There's nothing like warm, soft and fluffy Sannas to go with a Pork Vindaloo or Sorpatel! Sannas have a delicate, mildly sweet flavor that kids love.

5. Curd Rice

Curd Rice is truly comfort food! Of South Indian origin, it tastes great with just a pickle or chutney and also with a daal (lentils) or meat dish. My kids love it on its own or 'plain', as they say.

6. Coconut Rice

This simple but delicious rice dish goes well with most curries. You can also serve it by itself!

7. Dhokla

This nutritious snack from Gujarat in Western India is popular all over the country. Serve it with Tamarind and Mint-coriander Chutneys.

8. Moong Daal Ka Cheela

This is a great breakfast food or even perfect as an accompaniment to any gravy-based dish. Serve it for children with a sweet-sour chutney like Tamarind Chutney.

9. Rajma

This dish is extremely popular not just in North India but elsewhere as well. It is also mild enough for children to enjoy. Serve Rajma with plain boiled rice and Kachumbar salad.

10. Mutter Paneer

This North Indian curry made with mutter (peas) and paneer (cottage cheese) is probably the most frequently ordered dish in Indian restaurants. Make it in your home and you've got a sure crowd pleaser!
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