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Kajoo Barfi - Cashew Fudge - Kaajoo Ki Barfee


In India, Kajoo Barfi is often presented to guests on auspicious occasions like the birth of a child, weddings, a promotion at work, at the passing of an important exam etc. It is fairly easy to make! Here is the recipe...


  • 200 gms skinless cashews/ kajoo
  • 500 gms Khoya/ Mawa (see link below for recipe to make your own)
  • 450 gms sugar
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder (see link below for quick tip to powder cardamom)
  • 2-3 sheets edible silver foil (optional and available at speciality food stores)
  • 1 tsp ghee (see link below for recipe to make your own)


  • Grind the cashews to a fine powder in a clean, dry food processor jar. Keep aside for later.
  • Heat a deep, thick-bottomed pan on medium heat. Add the Khoya/ Mawa and the sugar to it. Stir to blend. Now cook till all the sugar dissolves. You will need to stir almost constantly to prevent the Khoya-sugar mix from burning.
  • When all the sugar has dissolved, add the powdered cashews/ cashew meal and the cardamom powder. Stir well.
  • Keep cooking the mixture - monitoring and stirring frequently - till it starts to come together into a soft dough-like consistency. It will also look greasy and stop sticking to the sides of the pan.
  • When this happens, turn off the heat.
  • Grease a tray or square/ rectangular plate with a little ghee. Spoon the above mixture onto the tray and spread to form a layer of roughly 1/2" thickness. Gently lay the silver leaf all over the surface of the Barfi - in a design that is pleasing to you. Since it is so thin and delicate, it will stick to the Barfi on its own. Once this is done, allow to cool and set.
  • Cut into square/ diamond shapes with a knife and serve. Since Kajoo Barfi is milk-based, it should be consumed fairly quickly. It can be stored for 2-3 in the refrigerator.
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