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Christmas Sweets and Snacks


Indian tradition demands that neighbors exchange platters of sweets and snacks with each other on Christmas day, so preparations start at least a month in advance! Here's a list of some of the most popular Christmas goodies made in India during this festive season. Make up batches of your favorites and spread the joy.

1. Gujia or Nuereos with Coconut Filling

Made all over India as a festival sweet, Gujias or Nuereos differ only slightly from region to region.

2. Kulkuls

A great sweet to prepare with the family, Kulkuls are made all over India at Christmas time.

3. Nankaties or Naan Khatais

A Goan recipe for a favorite Christmas cookie.

4. Coconut Barfi (coconut fudge)

You will love this sweet if you like coconut.

5. Marzipan Shapes

Marzipan can be made into all sorts of shapes, depending on how artistic you are and how creative you feel!

6. Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Chocolate and nuts...delicious combination, delicious results!

7. Guava Cheese

A chewy fudge-like sweet, Guava Cheese is best made with fresh guavas.

8. Bebinca (layered Goan pudding)

Making Bebinca requires patience but the end result is well worth the effort.

9. Chakli (savory spirals)

This crunchy snack is just as good at tea time as it is for a special occassion.

10. Cheeslings

My mother's recipe for a well-loved Christmas snack.
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