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South Indian Recipes


By and large, South Indian cuisine is the hottest of all Indian food. Meals are centered around rice or rice-based dishes. Rice is combined with Sambaar (a soup-like lentil dish tempered with whole spices and chillies) and rasam (a hot-sour soup like lentil dish), dry and curried vegetables and meat dishes and a host of coconut-based chutneys and poppadums (deep-fried crispy lentil pancakes). South Indians are great lovers of filter coffee. Here is a small sampling from the delicious and exotic treasure house that is South Indian cooking!


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No longer just a South Indian favorite, Idlis are loved and can be found just about anywhere in India. Try them and you'll see why. The batter for Idlis needs to be fermented overnight, so prepare ahead of time.


Dosa (crispy savory pancakes) from South India is a staple food in its home region. In the rest of the country too, Dosas are hugely popular and Udipi restaurants serving them and other South Indian foods can be found in almost every suburb! Learn how to make them with my easy recipe.


Appams or Hoppers are great for mopping up delicious South Indian curries! Though easy to make, they take a little practice to perfect. The ingredients for Appam batter need to be soaked overnight so factor in the time to prepare ahead.


Serve Sambar piping hot with Idlis, Vadas or just plain and simple boiled rice.

South Indian Coconut Chutney

This mild chutney is the perfect companion for idlis (south indian steamed rice cakes), dosas and uttapams(south Indian rice pancakes).

South Indian Fish Curry

he tamarind in this gravy-based dish gives it a lovely tangy flavor that goes really well with plain boiled rice. In fact, that is how it is traditionally eaten.

Chettinad Chicken

From Tamilnadu in South India, this curry is quite fiery. There's no reason why you can't reduce the chillies to suit your own palate though. Chettinad chicken tastes great with parathas (bread) and even plain boiled rice.

Mutton Ishtew

This delicious South Indian stew is delicately flavored with a mix of spices and coconut milk. It tastes great with rice, Dosas, Idlis or Appams.

Kerala Beef Fry

This delicious dish is a favorite in the South-Indian state of Kerala. It is served not just as a snack when friends visit, but also as a main course dish with Dosas, Idlis or Appams.


This soup-like side dish is hot but there's nothing to stop you from adjusting the heat to suit your taste. Rasam tastes great with plain boiled rice.

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