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Lunch Box Food Ideas


Coming up with lunch box food ideas on a daily basis and putting together a healthy yet tasty meal to take to school or work is a tough job! Here are some suggestions to help you. All these foods work well for kids and adults alike!

Tava Pulao

This is a well-loved street food in India! Made from rice and mixed vegetables all stir-fried together on a large griddle-like pan called a Tava, it makes for a delicious and very satisfying meal.

Tomato Rice

Of South Indian origin, tangy Tomato Rice makes a great one-dish meal. Serve it with poppadums.


No longer just a South Indian favorite, Idlis are loved and can be found just about anywhere in the world! Try them and you'll see why. Serve them with (South Indian) Coconut Chutney.

Indian-style Burger

What with the huge amounts of western influence, burgers are popular food in India. Want to give your burgers an Indian flavor? So easy! Try this recipe.... 

Spinach and Minced Meat Soup

This chunky, wholesome and delicious soup is great by itself or served over a bed of rice!

Stuffed Roast Chicken Indian Style

This Anglo-Indian dish combines a western concept with Indian ingredients. The result is, as my four-year-old son says, "Yummy in your tummy!" Stuffed Roast Chicken Indian Style tastes great hot or cold. Team it with a salad for a well rounded work or school meal.


A famous Indian snack, Samosas can be probably be found anywhere in the world! They're a lovely snack for you're just a little more than nibbly and a little less than hungry.

Spicy Veggie Cutlets

You can make these just as easily from scratch as with any leftover veggie dish. They're also a great snack!

Beans and Peas Salad

Full of nutrition, this tasty salad is best eaten chilled. If you're on a diet, eat a large serving - it's skinny yet wholesome enough to fill your stomach all by itself!

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