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Definition: Dahi is the Hindi word for yogurt. Dahi is commonly called Curd or Curds. Some other regional names include Doi in Bengali, Perugu in Telugu, Thayir in Tamil, Mosaru in Kannada. In India, Dahi is most often made from Cow or Buffalo Milk with the Buffalo milk version being the fattier of the two. According to Ayurveda, Dahi is considered to be a cooling food and is therefore consumed in large quantities during India's long, hot summer season. It is eaten plain, with sugar, as part of curries or in the form of Raitas.
Pronunciation: duh-hee
Also Known As: Yogurt, Yoghurt, Doi, Perugu, Thair, Mosaru, Curd
Alternate Spellings: Dahee
Common Misspellings: Duhee, Dahee, Daee, Dai
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