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Well known and popular Indian foods...


These are the dishes you think of when you think Indian Food. They're not just popular in India, they're also loved around the world!
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  2. Rice and Bread Recipes
  3. Meat Recipes
  4. Chicken & Pork Recipes
  5. Fish & Seafood Recipes
  6. Vegetarian Recipes
  1. Masala & Sauce Recipes
  2. Side Dish & Salad Recipes
  3. Pickle & Chutney Recipes
  4. Drink Recipes
  5. Sweet & Dessert Recipes


Recipes for when you have an attack of the nibbles or want to whet your appetite!

Rice and Bread Recipes

From Chapati to Naan and Dosas to Biryani, find them here!

Meat Recipes

While most Hindus abstain from beef, both lamb and beef are still very popular with lots of Indians.

Chicken & Pork Recipes

No matter where in the world you live, you can order out Butter Chicken these days! Pork though not eaten by everybody (mostly for religious reasons), is still well-loved and deliciously prepared in many parts of India.

Fish & Seafood Recipes

In India's coastal areas, fish and seafood are hot favourites - fried, curried and sometimes even pickled. Families often get to the fish market as early as they can for the fresh catch of the day.

Vegetarian Recipes

Not only does India have a dazzling array of fresh vegetables, each region has its own style of cooking them! This makes for mind-boggling variety. Added Bonus? Vegetables, when cooked Indian style, are quick and very easy to prepare!

Masala & Sauce Recipes

They're the heart and soul of any Indian dish. Here's how you make them.

Side Dish & Salad Recipes

They play supporting actor to the main course dish. Things wouldn't be the same without sides and salads.

Pickle & Chutney Recipes

Pickles and chutneys in India range from spicy to sweet and soft to crispy. They're the perfect partner for a well made meal and a 'perker-upper' for a not so perfect one!

Drink Recipes

They cool you down when things get hot or warm you up when the temperatures drop. From chai to panna and nimbu pani to filter coffee, learn how to make some favourite Indian beverages.

Sweet & Dessert Recipes

Most Indians will confess to having a sweet-tooth. Can you blame them? The delicious variety available is too much to resist!

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