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Regional cuisine

India is so large, every region has it's very own style of cooking even though the basic spices are the same. Explore the food from all four corners of India - all different, all unique.
  1. East Indian Cuisine (9)
  2. Fusion Food (6)
  3. North Indian Cuisine (39)
  4. South Indian Cuisine (13)
  5. West Indian Cuisine (29)

Indian Style Chilli Chicken
Originally a Chinese dish, delicious Indian Style Chilli Chicken is simply scrumptious!

Anglo-Indian Recipes
Anglo-Indian food is the delicious result of the British Raj in India. Indian Khansamas (cooks) took aspects of British cuisine and amalgamated them with Indian methods of cooking, spices, ingredients to create Anglo-Indian Cuisine! There are soups tempered with cumin and red chillies, roasts cooked in whole spices like cloves, pepper and cinnamon, rissoles and croquettes flavored with turmeric …

Yogurt Recipes
The delicate, mild and milky flavor of yogurt goes well with lots of other ingredients used in Indian cooking. It is, as a result, a key part of numerous dishes. Here is a large collection of Indian yogurt-based recipes, ranging from drinks to sides and salads and main course dishes...

Indian Dhaba Foods
Most Indian highways play host to these roadside restaurants. In the old days, Dhabas used to cater mainly to Truckies and long-distance travelers. These days however, the simple, unpretentious and wholesome food served at them, is enjoyed by people looking to escape the busy city for a few hours.

Top Goan Recipes
Food is a huge deal in Goa! Its position on India's lush, green western coast means there is abundance of fresh fish and seafood. Pork is a hot favorite too. Hours are spent preparing delicious dishes from recipes often passed down through generations. Local dishes like Vindaloo and Xacuti testify to the fact that Goa was a Portuguese colony until the 1960s.

Top North Indian Recipes
These are some of the most popular North Indian foods in both homes and restaurants.

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