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Most Popular Indian Cooking Tips


They save you time and make things easier in the kitchen. Use these 10 most popular Indian cooking tips to simplify your life.

Making Soft Chapatis

How to make really soft Indian flatbread.

Quick Chapatis!

How to make almost instant Chapatis!

Homemade exfoliator!

Make a face-pack-cum-exfoliator paste with ingredients from your own kitchen.

Saving too-salty food...

How to save a curry that got too salty!

Removing turmeric stains...

Get rid of that yellow stubborn stain!

Freshen old Chapatis

How to get leftover Chapatis to taste like fresh ones (well almost!).

Get rid of indigestion symptoms

Zap nausea, burning sensation, acidity and general uneasiness with ingredients from your kitchen cabinets!

Fuss-free coconut cleaning

The easy way to crack and clean a coconut!

Browning onions quickly

Most Indian recipes require onions to be browned. Here's how you can do them faster.

Keep ginger and garlic pastes fresh for longer

How to extend the life of homemade cooking pastes.
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