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Throw a Bollywood Bash

Organize an Indian Theme Party


Planning a party and want it to stand out (for all the right reasons) in the minds of all who attend it? Look no further! A Bollywood theme party is the way to go. Serious fun in an unusual sort of way, your guests will be talking about it for months after you've thrown this bash! Read on...

What is Bollywood?

For the uninitiated, Bollywood is India's equivalent of Hollywood. The only difference is it churns out lots more movies than Hollywood every year and they're all in Hindi! The 'B' in Bollywood is for Bombay (which is what Mumbai used to be called), the home of Bollywood!

In India, just like its western counterpart, Bollywood sets trends and its actors are greatly idolized. In fact, approximately 4 billion movie tickets are sold in India, every year, for Bollywood movies alone! These movies range from the truly good to the sometimes downright ludicrous but they're always great for laughs! Just as India is thought to be the land of snake-charmers, where elephants walk the streets (and this part can on occasion be true because anything can happen in India!), Bollywood is perceived as all colorful, musical extravaganzas and melodrama. This too is only true some of the time as Bollywood is also home to some very well made, thought-provoking and true-to-life (well at least Indian life) cinema.

So, back to our party planning. Here's how you can replicate 100% unadulterated Bollywood magic in your home! As with everything, it's all in the planning! Plan ahead and you'll save yourself heaps of time and stress.

The Invitations

To make the party really fun, ask friends to come dressed as their favorite Bollywood star! If they don't have a favorite, ask them to come dressed in Indian costume anyway. For the invites, make Rangoli (pronounced as rung-o-lee) cards! Rangoli is the Indian art of 'painting' with colored powders, pastes and even flower petals and leaves, beautiful pictures to decorate the home! Thee are usually made on the floor just outside the entrance to a home, as a sign of welcome. Take a look at a beautiful picture here. You can replicate the warmth and welcoming message of Rangoli on a card. To create your cards, you will need:

  • Heavy card stock - cut it into the size you want and fold in half to make a card
  • A pencil
  • PVA glue
  • Colored sand in various colors

Making the cards - Draw on an Indian pattern - surf the Internet for inspiration. Once you're done, decide what colors you want each part of the design to be. Now use a thin paint brush to outline and fill in all the parts of your design that will be the same color, with PVA glue. It dries clear so don't worry about it showing on your finished card. Now dust with colored sand. This is available at most craft stores and is very popular with kids! You'll see why once you get started working with it. Tap off the excess sand gently. Allow to dry.

Repeat this, adding more colors to different parts of your design as you go along. Wait for the glue you applied for each color to dry completely before you apply glue for the next color. End result? Really pretty, very unique cards your friends will love! They'll also be a great conversation starter when you get together!

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