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Indian Breakfast Recipes


Not eating a good breakfast everyday? Your body is running on an empty engine till your next meal! That's bad news when you need to do a million things in a day! Also, if you're trying to lose weight, not eating breakfast will only slow you down. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and actually helps you burn fat! Starting today, resolve to begin your day well...


A Paratha is an unleavened, pan fried Indian flatbread. Once you know how to make the basic one (for which you will find a step-by-step photo guide below) you can fill it with any stuffing you like! You can even add ingredients to the dough while kneading o end up with some really tasty versions of the basic Paratha! Team Parathas (plain or stuffed) with yogurt and pickle and you're in business!


This nutritious snack from Gujarat in Western India is popular all over the country. Serve it with Tamarind and Mint-coriander Chutneys.


No longer just a South Indian favorite, Idlis are loved and can be found just about anywhere in India. Try them and you'll see why. The batter for Idlis needs to be fermented overnight, so prepare ahead of time.

Fried Idli

Serve this oh-so-easy-to-make dish with Sambar and Coconut Chutney (south Indian).


No matter where you go in India, Upma is a hot favorite breakfast food! Originally from South India, this tasty dish can be eaten for breakfast, brunch or as a snack and is so wholesome you can even make a meal of it!


From western India, Poha, made from flattened rice, is an easy-to-cook, nutritious snack. It is often eaten for breakfast or brunch. Add extra zing to Poha by serving it with Mint-Coriander Chutney!

Pyaaz-Tamaatar Ka Omelette

Try this omlette with an Indian twist, for breakfast. It's a delicious way to start your day. Serve with thick, crunchy, buttered toast or hot, flaky Parathas.
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