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Meat dishes

Roasted, curried, pickled or barbecued - there's a recipe for every style of meat you might want to eat.
  1. Beef Dishes (15)
  2. Lamb Dishes (21)
  3. Mutton/ Goat Dishes (7)

Kheema Palak - Minced Meat with Spinach
Simple, delicious and easy to cook... Kheema Palak is a winner. Learn how to make it here...

Kheema Recipes - Minced Meat Recipes - Ground Meat Recipes
I love Kheema (minced meat) because it's so versatile! Here is a collection of some of my favorite Indian style Kheema recipes...

Makkai Mutton Curry - Goat Curry with Corn Cobs
In India, goat meat is commonly (if erroneously) called Mutton. Simple, yet delicious, Makkai Mutton Curry is also easy to put together. The corn cobs in it are delightful to suck on for those of you who like the bones in your meat curry!

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