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Kari Patta


Kari Patta

Kari Patta with dry red chillies

Image © Vishakha Shah | Dreamstime.com
Definition: Kari Patta is Hindi for curry leaves. Kari Patta though often used in Indian cooking, is seen more often in the dishes of southern and western India than those from other parts of the country. Most Indian homes will have their own Kari Patta tree in the garden. These small, dark green leaves are highly fragrant and add their own distinctive flavor to a dish. They also enhance the flavors of other ingredients. Kari Patta is most often added to a dish at the start and sauteed or fried in the cooking oil before other ingredients are added. Other spices that usually go well with Kari Patta are mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chillies, dried red chillies....
Pronunciation: curry puh-taa
Alternate Spellings: Kadhi Patta, Kadi Patta
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