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Boondi Image courtesy Haldiram's
Definition: Boond is Hindi for 'drop' and Boondi is so named because it looks like drops... drops made of Bengal gram flour batter! Even though it looks like it would be difficult to make, Boondi is fairly simple to prepare... time consuming but simple. A freshly made gram flour batter is slowly poured into hot oil through a slotted spoon. The drops so formed are deep fried and then kept aside to drain on paper towels. When cool they can be stored in an airtight container for a good amount of time. The pale, golden yellow 'drops' of Boondi are midly savory in taste. Sizes of Boondi range from the really tiny 'drops' made for Boondi Ke Laddoo to bigger ones made for Boondi Ka Raita. When buying 'readymade' Boondi, look for crisp, fresh smelling (not rancid) 'drops'.
Pronunciation: boon-dee
Boondi Ka Raita
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