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What is “curry powder” and does all Indian food contain it?


Garam masala
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Question: What is “curry powder” and does all Indian food contain it?

‘Curry’ is synonymous with Indian food and ‘curry powder’ is thought of as its key ingredient. This is a misconception though, as all Indian food does not contain 'curry powder'. This all-important powder is actually a mix of spices collectively known as garam masala. It is added to some dishes along with other spices to enhance their flavor and aroma. While the basic ingredients used are the same, each household has its own proportions so that the end result will often differ from home to home. The better the quality of the ingredients, the tastier the garam masala and the resulting dish in which it is used.

Most Indians still prefer to prepare their own garam masala just prior to cooking. Making your own can seem intimidating if you’re just starting out with Indian cooking, but the recipe and a good coffee grinder is all it takes! There’s nothing to beat the flavor of fresh garam masala!

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