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East Indian Cuisine

The states of Eastern India get heavy rainfall so rice, grown in the vast fields here, is a huge part of the local diet. Fish is very popular in the coastal state of West Bengal while further inland pork and beef are the meats of choice.

Tomato Kasundi - Eastern Indian Tomato Chutney
Learn how to make delicious and versatile Eastern Indian chutney, Tomato Kasundi....

Maacher Kalia - Maacher Jhol - Bengali Fish Curry
This is my Father-in-law's recipe for a popular Bengali dish - Maacher Kalia. I love how he makes it and you will too when you try it.

Dhoka Daalna - Daaler Dhoka - Daaler Bodar Tarkari - Lentil Curry
This is my Mother-in-laws recipe for a well-loved and very tasty Bengali dish - Dhoka Daalna or Daaler Dhoka...

Sandesh Mishti
Indulge your sweeth tooth with this recipe for Sandesh.

Steamed Momos (wontons)
Steamed Momos (wontons)

Sikkim Tomato Achaar (tomato pickle from Sikkim)
Sikkim Tomato Achaar

Thukpa (Sikkimese clear noodle soup)
Thukpa (Sikkimese clear noodle soup)

Baigun Bhaja (fried eggplant)
Baigun Bhaja (fried eggplant)

Deemer Patudi (steamed egg curry)
Deemer Patudi

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