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Drink Recipes

They cool you down when things get hot or warm you up when the temperatures drop. From chai to panna and nimbu pani to filter coffee, learn how to make some favourite Indian beverages.

Adrak Ki Chai - Ginger Tea
Warm up with a steaming cuppa... make yourself some delicious Adrak Ki Chai...

Pina Colada Lassi
An Indian twist on a hugely popular western drink! This recipe was invented by a close friend of mine. Pina Colada Lassi is perfect on a hot summer day.

Angoori Lassi - Grape Lassi - Chilled Grape Yogurt Drink
This lush, creamy drink is sure to impress whoever you make it for! It is a terrific summer thirst quencher!

Lemon Ginger Squash - Lemon Ginger Cordial - Lemon Ginger Juice Concentrate
This really tasty drink is perfect for summer! Make up a bottle of it and keep in your fridge for hot summer days.

Delhi-style Cold Coffee
If you think this a strange name for a drink, you may not be alone! The reason I named it this (I was considering Connaught Place Cold Coffee!) is that this is where I am told it originated. For all it's fancy name you'd think it was tough to make. You couldn't be farther from the fact. Delhi-style Cold Coffee takes all of 2 minutes to prepare! Enjoy...

Badam Milk
I love this Badam Milk! Delicately flavored with cardamom, the nuts in this chilled, cooling drink don't just make it tasty, they pack a mighty nutritious punch too! I often make it for my son...he loves it just as much as me. Cold Badam Milk is a great summer cooler but if you use hot milk to make it, it's a great winter drink too!

Gulab Ka Sharbat
As a kid I used to love to eat rose petals! Not only do they taste good (I definitely thought so), they freshen the mouth. On a hot summer's day, a tall, frosty glass of Rose Sharbat can really cool you off. Another nice way to have it is in a glass of cold milk. Yummy!

Preeti's Spiced Apple Cider
Warm up on those really cold days with a cup of freshly made Spiced Apple Cider. Get the recipe here...

Namkin Khira Lassi (savory cucumber lassi)
This drink is truly cooling! It is also a popular appetizer. Serve it before or with a meal.

Summer Drink Recipes
As the temperature around you soars, cool off with these summer chillers!

Chatpata Nimboo Pani (spiced lemonade)
Cool down on a hot summer day with this very refreshing drink.

Masala Chaas Recipe
This drink goes well with a meal. The asafetida and ginger in it aid digestion. This recipe makes 4 glasses.

Kayree Panha (raw mango drink)
Made from fresh raw mangoes, abundant in the summer months, Kayree Panha is from the state of Maharashtra in Western India. It is a sweet-sour-spicy drink!

Sweet Lassi (yoghurt drink)
The perfect cooler, Lassi is a huge favourite in the North.

Thandai Recipe
This chilled almond-flavoured beverage is terrific for when the tempratures soar. Its tasty and cools you down!

Masala Chai (spiced tea)
Warm yourself with this delcious drink on a cold day.

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