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Jhatpat Khaana by Nita Mehta

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

Jhatpat Khaana is handy to have around the house for days when you just can't be bothered or don't have the tie to cook a three-course meal. The recipes are well written and easy to follow.


  • Jhatpat Khaana is food that can be made in minutes.
  • Contains a section on food made from leftovers!


  • The book contains hardly any pictures.
  • Only contains vegetarian recipes.


  • Recipes for meals that can be made in minutes!
  • Contains a section on cooking with leftovers!
  • Jhatpat Khaana is written by qualified nutritionist Nita Mehta.

Guide Review - Jhatpat Khaana by Nita Mehta

When you've come home tired from work and the kids are driving you mad because they're hungry, let Jhatpat Khaana come to your rescue! The author claims the dishes in her book can all be made in minutes!

This book shows that Indian cooking need not be cumbersome and time-consuming. Written by qualified nutritionist and famous Indian cookbook author Nita Mehta, Jhatpat Khaana has recipes for vegetarian food ranging from soups and snacks to desserts and meals made from leftovers!

Learn how to make dishes like Cheese Pockets, Chana Biryani (chickpea biryani) and Quick Tiramisu. The recipes are well written and easy to follow as well.

One very minor disadvantage is that Jhatpat Khaana does not contain too many pictures. On the other hand, the book is very reasonably priced at just $6!

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