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Making Sugar Syrup for Indian Desserts - Indian Food - About.com
Sugar syrup is used in a lot of Indian sweets and desserts in varying consistencies. Terms like one- or two-thread consistency are often used in connection with ...
Jalebi Recipe (Indian Food for Special Occasions)
To make sugar syrup: Melt the sugar with the rose water and boil to get a one thread consistency. ... Besan Ka Laddoo · Making Sugar Syrup for Indian Sweets.
Gulab Jamun - Indian Food - About.com
This popular Indian dessert has countless fans! Learn how to make it. ... traditionally made of thickened or reduced milk, soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup.
Malpua Pancakes in Syrup Recipe - Indian Food
Remove from the oil and put directly into the sugar syrup. Remove ... Make Delicious Mishti Doi: A 5-Step Recipe for Sweet Yoghurt ... Top North Indian Desserts.
Boondi Laddo (Indian Sweet) Recipe - Indian Food - About.com
The sugar syrup must be boiled till it reaches a one-thread consistency. To see how this is done, take a look at Making Sugar Syrup For Indian Desserts.
Milk-based Indian Sweets and Desserts - Indian Food - About.com
Indian desserts are made with ingredients ranging from fruits and vegetables to grains and legumes ... The Bengalis (from eastern India) sure know their sweet making. ... made of thickened or reduced milk, soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup.
Classic East Indian Rasgulla Recipe - Indian Food - About.com
Soft, spongy balls of cottage cheese soaked in chilled sugar syrup. ... The Bengalis (from eastern India) sure know their sweet making. ... Sweets and Desserts.
Sugar Free Rice Pudding Recipe with brown rice syrup
Make a refined sugar-free rice pudding dessert using maple syrup and brown rice syrup instead of white refined sugar. A simple and relatively healthy sugar- free ...
Ras Malai - Dessert Recipe - Indian Food - About.com
Probably my favorite dessert, Ras Malai is dumplings made from cottage or ricotta ... from 1 liter of milk (recipe below); 1 liter full cream/ whole milk; 1/2 cup sugar ... When the Paneer balls are made, reheat the syrup to boiling, then simmer a...
What Is Thread Stage - The Definition of Thread Stage - Candy
This stage can be determined by dropping a spoonful of hot syrup into a bowl of ... Making Sugar Syrup For Indian Desserts · Hard-Crack Stage · Thread Lock ...
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