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Petrina Verma Sarkar

Petrina Verma Sarkar

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Petrina Verma Sarkar is an avid foodie and journalist. Born and bred in India, she has travelled her country extensively and sampled the varied and delicious dishes of its different regions. She learned to cook from her Mother, Grandmothers and various Aunts and loves to experiment with spice combinations in her own kitchen.


As a journalist, Petrina has years of experience writing on lifestyle subjects ranging from food to interior design and beauty to fashion. She has written about Indian food for About.com, for almost nine years.

By Petrina Verma Sarkar:

Several lifetimes are not enough to discover and sample all the delights of Indian cuisine! It is the glorious result of thousands of years of evolution and assimilation! Like all things Indian, it has absorbed various influences from other cultures but managed to make them uniquely its own. It is exotic, sometimes complex and always delicious! Love Indian food or just curious about it? This is the place to be no matter what your level of interest or experience. Join me as we explore the delectable depths of Indian cuisine!

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