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Easter Desserts

Wednesday April 16, 2014

RabgullaNo meal is complete without something sweet at the end. More so a meal on a special occasion. What are you making this Easter to serve as Dessert? What is rounding off your feast? Here are some ideas you and everyone you're cooking for, will love...

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Easter Food Ideas

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Shahi FaloodaI am blessed to have a large family that all live within minutes of my home! This Easter, just like every other year, we will get together for a family Easter lunch. As is ALWAYS the case in our family, this special occasion will be celebrated with plenty of good food.

To save ourselves from any last minute frantic-ness, we have already planned our menu and will cook whatever we can, in advance so that we can take it easy on the day! What are you cooking for Easter? Here are some of the dishes we will be making...

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North Indian Sweets

Sunday March 30, 2014

Gulab JamunWhile we are on the topic of Baisakhi (a north Indian harvest festival), we cannot miss out talking about some of North India's finest and most popular sweets.... I am always amazed at the sheer variety that is available in Indian sweets and desserts. They are made with everything from fruits to grains to veggies and lentils and each one is unique and delicious! Try some today...

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Baisakhi in India

Sunday March 30, 2014

Motichoor LaddooBaisakhi (or Vaisakhi) is a harvest festival celebrated by the Sikhs in North India. In 2014, it falls on March 14th. Baisakhi marks the start of the new year according to the Sikh religious calendar and is a celebration of a fruitful harvest. It is celebrated with singing, dancing, music and as with all celebration Indian, the cooking and eating of good food!

Even if you are not celebrating Baisakhi, you don't really need for an excuse to try out these yummy foods...

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Meet the Daals...

Thursday March 27, 2014

Moong Daal HalwaThe Hindi word for lentils is Daal. They are dearly loved in India and prepared in a multitude of ways, both savory and sweet. Daals have to be among my favorite Indian foods to eat. In fact, when I am sick and sorry, I often ask my Mom to cook me some Daal!

Firstly, if you don't know your Moong from your Masoor, get acquainted with my Photo Gallery of Indian Daals and Beans! Once you're on a first-name basis, there's a lot you can cook with lentils - from Sookhi Moong Ki Daal to Sindhi Kadhi and Bisi Bele Bhaath to Sultani Daal and Moong Daal Halwa (pictured). Check out my collection of Daal Recipes...

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My Favorite Poori - Paani Puri!

Thursday March 27, 2014

Paani PuriTalking of Pooris, if there is one food that makes me throw caution to the winds, it is Paani Puri. This delicious Indian street snack can be found on every street corner in India. Vendors literally mint money selling it to eager customers... like me. I cannot count how many times I have had an upset tummy from eating Paani Puri at dodgy road side stalls!

You don't need to suffer my over eager, careless fate though. Take a look at my recipe and make some deliciously addictive tangy, hot, sweet, crunchy Paani Puri in your home! One bite and you'll wonder where it was all your life!

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Serve Up Some Pooris

Thursday March 27, 2014

PoorisToday I felt like eating Chole (chickpea curry) and Pooris (fried Indian bread - pictured). This combination is a hot favorite in North India and well loved elsewhere in the country too. Chole and Poori is a great option for when you want a no-meat meal.

Pooris go really well with any dish that has a gravy as they are perfect for 'mopping up'! For a delicious non-vegetarian meal serve them with Chicken Curry, Madras Lamb Curry or Pickle Style Jhinga Baingan! Deeee-licious as my kids would say!

What's better than Pooris? Pooris with spinach in them - Palak Poori! Try some today...

A Stack of Pooris Image © Anuj Tewari | Dreamstime.com

Food From the Heart of India

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Raj KachoriWhen talking about regional cuisine in India, how can one leave out the very heart of the country? The state of Madhya Pradesh in central India has a cuisine which though influenced by its nearby neighbouring states, is still all its own style and flavours! Here are a few recipes you too can try in your kitchen...

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Recipes From the Four Corners of India

Tuesday March 25, 2014

TheplaIndia is a large country and every state and region has it's very own style of cooking. The basic spices used are the same give or take one or two but the diversity is mind boggling! Explore the food from all four corners of India - all different, all unique!

Image of Thepla © Vishakha Shah | Dreamstime.com

Chai and Pakoda

Friday February 28, 2014

Bread Pakoda SandwichWe have had some weird weather in our neck of the woods recently. Cold one day, warm the next, pouring another day... like all the seasons rolled into one! It's pouring cats and dogs right now. Since I am happily ensconced in my home, at my desk, writing this, I am loving the rain! To add to my joy, it's Friday.

It's the perfect opportunity to make myself and hubby a hot cup of Masala Chai and a batch of Bread Pakoda Sandwiches (pictured). Aah the good life! I hope you have the best weekend!

Bread Pakoda Sandwich Image © Gaurav Masand | Dreamstime.com

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