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Some Like It Hot!

According to popular belief, Indian food and chillies go hand in hand. While this is not necessarily true all the time, there are some dishes that will definitely make you feel the heat! Get adventurous and try a few of them in your kitchen...

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Well Loved Indian Recipes

Friday April 18, 2014

Sooji Halwa BlogI am always thrilled when one of my recipes gets a good review! Most of what I know, I learnt from my Mother and grew up eating. I love those foods and when I share the recipes, I trust you will too. Thank you, not just for taking the chance and trying them out in your kitchen, but even more for coming back and sharing what you thought in the form of reviews. Please, keep 'em coming!

Here are some recipes that recently got five star ratings. Have a lovely week!

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No-Cook Chocolate Easter Eggs

Thursday April 17, 2014

Easter Eggs in a basketI firmly believe that one can NEVER have too much chocolate! Especially at Easter.

These No-Cook Chocolate Easter Eggs are so easy to make, my brother and I used to make them as kids! Talking of kids, this is a great pre-Easter project to do with your little ones. Think of how proud they will feel when they can actually eat their own handiwork.

Make enough and you can even fill small baskets to take over to the neighbors. You know what they say about spreading the joy... it only multiplies!

Image © Kati Molin | Dreamstime.com

Easter Desserts

Wednesday April 16, 2014

RabgullaNo meal is complete without something sweet at the end. More so a meal on a special occasion. What are you making this Easter to serve as Dessert? What is rounding off your feast? Here are some ideas you and everyone you're cooking for, will love...

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Easter Food Ideas

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Shahi FaloodaI am blessed to have a large family that all live within minutes of my home! This Easter, just like every other year, we will get together for a family Easter lunch. As is ALWAYS the case in our family, this special occasion will be celebrated with plenty of good food.

To save ourselves from any last minute frantic-ness, we have already planned our menu and will cook whatever we can, in advance so that we can take it easy on the day! What are you cooking for Easter? Here are some of the dishes we will be making...

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